About Recce


A handheld GPS and distance calculator in one app. Built with the Maps SDK and Fused Location API for high accuracy and low power consumption, suitable for long expeditions.

Recce uses the following libraries to ensure smooth and reliable operability:

  1. Google Maps API for map drawing

  2. Fused Location API for location accuracy

  3. AndroidX Room for persistence

  4. AndroidX ViewModel for MVVM

  5. Dagger/Hilt for dependency injection

  6. Kotlin Coroutines for Room operations

  7. Material Components for modern UI



  • Instantaneous coordinates and grids update.

  • Pins: Mark points on map and save them.

  • Routes: Plot lines and place checkpoints to mark a Route.

  • Areas: Join the ends of a Route to demarcate an Area.

  • Geodesic distance: Lines drawn on the map are geodesic and show the shortest path between 2 points on the Earth's surface.

Pins (or Markers)

  • Organise and classify saved items through groups and colors.

  • Manage saved Pins, Routes, and Areas by sorting and deleting.

  • Add multiple Pins to the Ruler sequentially.


  • Provides your current location using the Fused Location API for higher accuracy at lower power consumption.

  • Provides your bearing using your device's position sensors

  • Graphical compass for navigation and wayfinding with support for any orientation/rotation.


  • Measure distances and bearing between Pins.

  • Supports multiple Pin additions for cumulative measurements.

  • Add Routes and Areas to measure distances and straight-line direction between each checkpoint.

Coordinate Systems

Recce supports the following coordinate systems:

  1. WGS84 Latitude & Longitude

  2. UTM, all Zones

  3. MGRS (in UTM coverage only)

  4. Kertau (RSO) / RSO Malaya (m)


  1. The app abides by the Area of Use of each system and returns "N/A" in locations outside the system's bounds.

  2. The app does not support UPS (universal polar stereographic) and there is no plan to.


Recce is NOT affiliated with any military organizations or armed forces. All formulas and information in the app are obtained from freely available sources such as the EPSG repository and guide.